The 8 Best Kentucky Bourbon Tours Near Bardstown

Kentucky Bourbon Tours near BardstownNothing stops the flow of Kentucky Bourbon or Kentucky Bourbon tours, which have survived all manner of challenging times since before the Civil War, and our current challenging circumstances are no different. There’s plenty of opportunities to sample plenty of different Kentucky Bourbons in and around Bardstown, where it all began. So book your room now at our Bardstown bed-and-breakfast.

8 of the Best Kentucky Bourbon Tours Near Bardstown

Even with a mask in your hand and social-distancing guidelines in your head, you can safely enjoy a number of Kentucky Bourbon tours and tastings.

The 8 Best Kentucky Bourbon Tours Near Bardstown

  1. Lux Row Distillers Production Tour. In just one hour, this Bardstown landmark affords you the opportunity to watch how Kentucky Bourbon is made from start to finish. You’ll get to see the processes of fermentation, distillation and barrel-filling, as well as a look at the highly photogenic Lux Row barrel warehouse and a guided tasting/chocolate pairing. Book a date on the tour calendar. You can also book a premium tasting.
  2. The Bardstown Bourbon Company distinguishes itself by its collaborative approach, described as a “completely unique and inclusive process allows our customers to create alongside us and drives education, innovation, and experimentation.” It offers a Kentucky Bourbon tour that ends with participants getting to “thieve” its product straight from the barrel.
  3. Bardstown’s Preservation Distillery is a “hidden treasure” of Kentucky’s Nelson Valley, the Bourbon equivalent of California’s Napa Valley. It’s know for its slow-distilling, small-batch processes, and so its tours showing how that’s done , amid its scenic country backdrop, are not to be missed. Four different tasting tours, varying by your area and degree of interest, are offered.
  4. You can get another look at how small-batch Bardstown Bourbon is made at the 1792 Barton Distillery. (It actually dates back to 1879 — the 1792 name comes from the year that Kentucky became a state.) Daily tours are offered.
  5. Another small-batch Kentucky Bourbon maker worth visiting is Boundary Oak Distillery, located a short drive west in storied Harlan County, due west of Bardstown. Tours can be booked for every day of the week.
  6. Just 45 minutes up the road from Bardstown is Louisville, and Louisville is the home of the Bourbon Heritage Center at Heaven Hill Distillery. You can book a tasting tour and get a taste of history along with a splash of heaven on your tongue.
  7. Buffalo Trace is one of Kentucky’s better-known Bourbons to the rest of the world, and its slate of tasting tours more than measure up to that standard. There’s the distillery tour, the National Historic Landmark tour, the Bourbon Barrel Tour, and more.
  8. In Bardstown, you can’t help but feel the power and weight of history all around you, and if you’re inclined to double down on your understanding of Kentucky bourbon history, plan on continuing your Kentucky Bourbon Tours at Spalding Hall, home of the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History. Among its attractions are a moonshine still and artifacts used in whiskey-making dating back to pre-Colonial days.

Kentucky Bourbon Tours near Bardstown

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