Discover Bourbon Country

BourbonThe Bourbon Manor Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of Kentucky’s Bourbon-loving country. Though you don’t need to be a bourbon lover to stay with us, there is certainly more to see and do if you do happen to enjoy America’s only native spirit.  At our Inn, you’ll find spirit-themed rooms and a dedicated bourbon bar.  Beyond our doors, all of Kentucky’s spectacular Bourbon Country is yours for exploring along the famed Bourbon Trail.  Whether it’s visiting your favorite distillery or discovering a new one, or diving deep into the history of this spirited drink, a visit to Kentucky’s Bourbon Country should be at the top of your itinerary this spring or summer. To complete your bourbon-themed experience, book your room at our Kentucky Bed and Breakfast today.

Follow the Bourbon Trail

There’s more to the Bourbon Trail than there is space to talk about it in one blog post.  The Bourbon Trail will lead you to nine scenic stops in the rolling hills of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country, where you’ll witness signature bourbon brands being crafted much as they were 200 years ago.  To make the most of your time, you may want to join the Kentucky Bourbon Craft Tour, which will give enthusiasts the essentials of bourbon country.


There are bourbon distilleries located all along the Bourbon Trail; some steadfast symbols of this popular spirit, and others newcomers to the bourbon scene.  There are more distilleries than one can possibly visit in a single trip, but there are definitely some favorites worth your time. Though the distilleries along the Bourbon Trail aren’t that many miles apart, you may want to leave the driving to a reputable tour company. Distilleries you’ll find along the trail include the following:

Bourbon Eats

Bourbon is a lifestyle in Kentucky and nothing defines that better than the food created here.  No where else will you find bourbon and other local ingredients showcased so well. Favorite eats in bourbon country include  pulled pork bourbon BBQ, bourbon bon bon’s, Kentucky creation the Hot Brown Sandwich, burgoo, and of course some of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken.  True bourbon lovers won’t want to miss a bourbon dinner, where each delicious course throughout the meal is served with a different bourbon, often hosted by a Master Distiller.

Bourbon History

Discovering the story behind the spirit is sometimes just as fascinating as sampling the dark amber liquid itself. Kentucky Bourbon had it’s start in the 1700s, with the first settlers of Kentucky.  In those days, crops were difficult to transport, but turning them into whiskies certainly made that job easier. These early spirits also happened to offer a welcome respite from the difficulties of frontier life. For generations, Kentuckians have continued making Bourbon using the same process as their ancestors centuries before.  History buffs will want to visit the Kentucky Bourbon Marketplace, the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History, and Kentucky Cooperage Tours.

Bourbon Events

Kentucky Bourbon TrailThere are a tremendous variety of bourbon-related events in Kentucky each year.  Coming up in June is the Kentucky Bourbon Affair in nearby Louisville. This event, hosted by bourbon distilleries, offers guests behind-the-scenes access, private barrel selections, rare tastings and exclusive nightcap events with the Master Distillers. In September, our own town of Bardstown plays host to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Bardstown is, of course, the Bourbon Capital of the World, so there’s no better place to celebrate America’s Native Spirit.  For 6 full days, enthusiasts will enjoy the smooth taste of Bourbon, delicious food, and great entertainment, ranging from black tie galas to historical tours.  Though it’s already sold out for this year, now’s a great time to plan for next years epic Bourbon Chase in October; a 200 mile race across the Bourbon Trail itself.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the legendary history of bourbon, you will leave with a new taste and appreciate for this dark amber liquid. There is no better way to start your vacation than by booking a room at Kentucky’s first bourbon-themed Bed and Breakfast.

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